On this page are all the series I'm currently working on, but are not my main series.

Super Mario 64 (DS)

Here is my Super Mario 64 DS series. This series was actually started on my birthday, and is one of my longer serieses. Unfortunately, I have no great way to record this series, so some of the videos are among my worst, in quality.

No Fighting Challenge!!

This is my No Fighting Challenge, where I plan to defeat the Ender Dragon, and fill up a chest full of mob loot, without fighting any monsters. If I DO ever attack any monsters, I have to let them kill me.

Mario Kart 8

Here is my series, where I play Mario Kart 8.
I started, by going through the Grand Prix's, but now, mostly do little challenges, and stuff.

Mario Kart Super Circuit

This is my playlist of all my Mario Kart Super Circuit Videos. I believe I've made a total of 5 videos, and there are still are few special tracks that I haven't unlocked yet, which I plan to make videos on in the future.

Super Mario Maker

This is my Super Mario Maker playlist/series. There are several subseries within this series... or, at least I plan on making several subseries within it. My first subseries is about me creating a "Super Wario Bros." game.
Maker Profile

Super Wario Bros. Levels

1. SWB 1-1: 780D-0000-03C3-CE0E

2. SWB 1-2: 29E4-0000-03DE-A93F

3. SWB 1-3: 2031-0000-03C5-7FB0

4. SWB 1-Castle B846-0000-03C6-BFCA

5. SWB 2-2: 6DC1-0000-0415-D04D

6. SWB 2-Ghost House: D7CE-0000-0415-D021

Other levels

1. Sucks: 7798-0000-03C3-CDD5

2. MaLuWaWalu: 4240-0000-03C3-CDF2

3. NoaH's: 69F7-0000-03C4-76E8

4. Fun: 58B2-0000-03C5-9DD8

5. Fun#2: 76CA-0000-03C5-9DBE

6. Death trap for Micaiah: 37B9-0000-03DE-A320

7. Slightly Annoying Level: 66D9-0000-0415-D007

8. SSB: 42D2-0000-0415-D019