Hello, this is the iron Wolff, and welcome to a series Snoah Bear, and I have. This world was originally created right after the aquatic update, and the series is mostly ocean themed. Also we live on a man-made, no, wolff, and polar bear made island, in the middle of a huge ocean. Also, please note: We now understand that the plural for 'Series' is... 'Series', but we started off calling it 'The Series to End All Serieses' and we have decided not to change the title... I guess.

This Sums it up

This picture  very nicely sums up the Series, thus why it is the base picture for the thumbnail in every video in the series. Basically we're on a tiny island playing with Tridents, and using Treasure Maps to find Treasure Chests. Also, if you care to notice, you may discover that each new video has a very slight addition to the thumbnail, this is to represent our slow progress in this world. XD

Life-like version

Here is a life-like version of the Series' theme picture. I drew this one, and I suppose the name I would give it is 'Series to End All Serieses HD' it displays virtually the same image, and I was rather proud of it when I made it.